Worst Air Quality in Ontario goes to Sarnia near Detroit, London Ontario

For the last couple of years I have watched the frequent reports about the air quality worsening in many Chinese cities.

series on Chinese air pollution from boston.com Big Picture

series on Chinese air pollution from boston.com Big Picture

More pictures here.

I became curious about the comparative air quality in Ontario where I live, so I looked it up.

This is news from 2011, but it’s new to me: Sarnia (next to Detroit and London, ON) seems to have the worst; their closely-packed manufacturing plants and oil refineries take a toll on the environment. I don’t want to weigh in on just how much environmental impact there is – it’s controversial and debatable. It’s just something I didn’t know and now do.

I’m reading through the wikipedia links at the bottom trying to find a government report on the chemistry of the air but no luck. I’m not originally from Canada and I don’t know which office is responsible for reporting reliable science data on air quality, I feel like all the other articles aren’t worth reading until I see that one first.

Will probably get bored of researching it but if I find something before I give up I’ll post it in an edit.


Edit: 30/Mar/2013

Article from Scientific American about China’s plan to spend $16b on cleanup: (link)