James Cameron – Interview after his deep-sea dive

Stole these excerpts from this Bloomberg article where he talks to some guy named James Clash. Recent photo also stolen from there.



Clash: Describe your thoughts going down. Loneliness comes to mind.

Cameron: It’s something explorers seek — the opportunity to be away from the herd and the comfort of human companionship to appreciate the universe in its stark beauty.




On previous dives I always had things to do based on depth and time. On the big dive, I ran through the entire checklist at 27,000 feet. So I still had 9,000 feet to go and nothing to do!

I’m sitting there getting colder thinking about pressure building up outside. That’s a long time to think, “Gee, this seemed like a good idea at the time!”



Clash: Anything living at the bottom?

Cameron: No vertebrates, but you do see arthropods — very tiny, like snowflakes, and quite sparse. I didn’t see animal tracks from worms or any type of benthic animal. But we were able to identify a number of bacteria genomes in the sediment sample I brought back.