Green Algae Inundates Shandong Province

News sites showing this video with no text and shitty video frames with advertising. Here’s a link to an (easier) Youtube video with some text cropped from “”, whatever that is.

The guy swimming in the water – heartbreaking. It’s bad for your health, man!


Somewhat related is a story I read in the National Geographic a month or two ago, where a guy was expressing how difficult it is to convince local Chinese farmers to use LESS fertilizer; most of them don’t even understand the problem. This is why, fellas. [NB: I have no idea if the algae is caused by fertilizer runoff, I bet it is though].



Chinese tourists at the eastern coast resort of Qingdao were forced to share their beach with a carpet of bright green algae. The phenomenon, known as an algal bloom, occurs when the temperature of the sea, off eastern China’s Shandong province, rises to between 20 to 25 degrees Celsius, state broadcaster CCTV said, adding it had been occurring for the last seven years.