The rate of injury in Australian Rules Football (is severe)

I am Australian; Australian Rules Football is my sporting passion (although I will watch anything).




I stole this screen-cap from the video in the article; pic shows the typical playing surface for AFL football.



A summary of today’s article on The Age’s website ( is pretty interesting and reveals some of the difficulties of playing “the most difficult game in the world” according to ex-coach David Parkin:




Amazing that the average career is less than 10 years; that three quarters of players get significant head injuries; although, not so surprising is that almost all of them carry injuries for life. It’s rare to see a game go by nowadays without minor injury, let alone a whole round of games.


Interesting because it’s the first survey study of its kind that I can remember reading.


For people who have no idea what I’m talking about – here’s the last quarter of last year’s Grand Final game.