The state of 100m running: The best times of 2013 and the current doping scandal

I try and avoid reading about politics in sport. I will actively avoid articles about cricket selection committees, rugby television broadcast deals, whether or not AOD-9604 is banned in the AFL etc. because I enjoy watching the sport and I feel that all the talk detracts from the game. That said, there’s a point where I can’t ignore it any more and my interest in the sport falls off a cliff. I’ve been an avid Tour de France viewer since I was a kid, but I just stopped caring 2-3 years ago; all my heroes (Pantani, Armstrong, Ulrich, Vinokourov, Contador) were banned and I just gave up.

I’m following the recent news about Asafa Powell and Tyson Gay failing drug tests – I feel that the sport is at a cliff for me. A little bit more and I think I will become disillusioned with the 100m run; instead of being a highlight of the Olympic Games it will be something I no longer bother to watch.

Anyway, I became curious about how many of the current crop were suspect. I don’t follow the sport closely, so what I did was look up all the runs for 2013 that were under 10 seconds, made a list and looked up each name in Google individually. I did three searches for each name (I’ll use Usain Bolt as an example):

* Usain Bolt drugs

* Usain Bolt doping

* Usain Bolt wikipedia




Pic stolen from Wikipedia: (


If any of the searches brought up an article about doping on the first page, I marked that name in red. The list is below. I’m aware that you can fail a drug test without being a drug cheat, so if you see a name in red it doesn’t mean they’re cheaters, it only means I found an article about doping when I typed in their name, after a 5 second search. Also I suppose it’s possible that the names in black may have been banned without my knowledge. Take it for what it is.


2013 run times taken from this list of fastest 100m runs ever: (link)

BBC article about the current doping scandal: (link)