No more updates; site dead!

No more updates; site dead!

Sorry, I lost interest in the project (and updating) after this happened. Will probably let blog die. It’s been fun!


Scybites needs your help!

The new job in laboratory sample preparation doesn’t allow for much internet time; when I think about posting, I realize the stuff I’m reading is basically on Reddit already and I’m not interested in re-publishing it.


This owl, like me, has seen too much. Image from Wikipedia (source)


I had an idea, and may need your help.

It’s my experience that many individuals in professional/technical jobs have diverse interests that include science – very much like me. I understand and share the passion. I could make a living as a chemist, but am a layperson when it comes to biology/astronomy.

I’m interested in communicating with others in science, about science; talking about our passions for science, in all fields.

If you are:

  • A professional
  • North American
  • Passionate about science

please send a blank email to, subject “Project 1“.

From there, it’s my intention to share a science article with you, and have a 5-question “conversation” by email about it, in a casual manner. Why is it interesting? What does the article remind you of? Stories related to the content, etc. Then I post the good parts of the conversation here. Perhaps weekly, perhaps monthly.

If successful, I hope to focus more on Canadian science professionals. We’ll see.


Please consider doing this! It’ll be quick, hopefully a bit of fun, and I would certainly enjoy this as a future direction for the blog.