Scybites needs your help!

The new job in laboratory sample preparation doesn’t allow for much internet time; when I think about posting, I realize the stuff I’m reading is basically on Reddit already and I’m not interested in re-publishing it.


This owl, like me, has seen too much. Image from Wikipedia (source)


I had an idea, and may need your help.

It’s my experience that many individuals in professional/technical jobs have diverse interests that include science – very much like me. I understand and share the passion. I could make a living as a chemist, but am a layperson when it comes to biology/astronomy.

I’m interested in communicating with others in science, about science; talking about our passions for science, in all fields.

If you are:

  • A professional
  • North American
  • Passionate about science

please send a blank email to, subject “Project 1“.

From there, it’s my intention to share a science article with you, and have a 5-question “conversation” by email about it, in a casual manner. Why is it interesting? What does the article remind you of? Stories related to the content, etc. Then I post the good parts of the conversation here. Perhaps weekly, perhaps monthly.

If successful, I hope to focus more on Canadian science professionals. We’ll see.


Please consider doing this! It’ll be quick, hopefully a bit of fun, and I would certainly enjoy this as a future direction for the blog.