Mitotic Spindle

Mitotic Spindle

Computer model of the spindle that grabs and separates chromosomes during mitosis, to make two new cells. I don’t have a clear idea about how it knows what to do, how it does its job or what it’s made of. I’m not sure anybody does. Cellular machinery within our own bodies that is more complicated than any car, any rocket we’ve built yet.

Pic stolen from article; the text was interesting and the video somewhat mindblowing as well. How do chromosomes know when to “show up” pre-mitosis? Why didn’t i take biology seriously at a young age… :


Radiation containment at Fukushima is proving tricky

Radiation containment at Fukushima is proving tricky

From BBC news article, 21-Aug-13.


Edit: here’s a better pic from BBC article the next day (22-Aug-13):




First picture is showing the damaged reactors and storage tanks for water that has been used to cool the reactors which are (still?) melting down.

Second picture is showing how the site is being over-run with additional tanks; approx. 400 additional tonnes of water need storage every day.

Clearly this isn’t a long-term solution, so I’m curious as to what’s next.

“A puddle of the contaminated water was emitting 100 millisieverts an hour of radiation…”

“One hundred millisieverts per hour is equivalent to the limit for accumulated exposure over five years for nuclear workers; so it can be said that we found a radiation level strong enough to give someone a five-year dose of radiation within one hour.”

The dose is probably worse than that because a dose delivered in a shorter time will likely have a greater effect on the body.

pic and quote from original article (link)